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Marketing Research

Research: the high-growth firm’s secret weapon

Firms that conduct marketing research regularly are highly attuned to their market’s evolving challenges and priorities. And they have a distinct competitive advantage.

Why? Because these firms:

  • See emerging opportunities sooner
  • Know what truly differentiates them in the marketplace
  • Understand how their audience behaves and what motivates them to buy
  • Always know what issues their audience want them to write and talk about
  • Understand how they measure up against top competitors and that just scratches the surface.


Did you know?

Firms that conduct research grow up to 10X faster and are almost 2X more profitable.

At Helium, we conduct a wide range of marketing research services to help firms like yours obtain the critical, up-to-the-minute information you need to identify what’s holding you back, uncover powerful opportunities and build engagement like never before.

Why Helium’s Research is different

Using both qualitative and quantitative techniques, we go beyond data collection and dig into your buyers’ habits and motivations:

  • How they learn about potential solutions to their problems
  • How they look for a service provider
  • What they want in a professional services firm
  • How they they make their buying decisions

Using this research—and our deep knowledge of your industry—we can help you tell your firm’s story in a differentiated and compelling way. And build a powerful marketing program that reflects how your buyers think and make decisions.

When do you need Research?

  • When your firm is launching a new service
  • When you’re looking to select verticals to concentrate on and specialize in
  • When you’re developing your organizational strategy
  • When your firm is seeing a diminishing market share
  • When your industry environment is changing
  • When your firm needs to accelerate growth or profitability

Strategic Planning

About Strategic Planning

The need for effective marketing strategy

Fail to plan, plan to fail. You need to truly understand your customers, market and competitors to create a marketing strategy that will capture the attention of your prospects and differentiate you in the market. If you do this well, you’ll own the market. If you don’t, your competitors will.

Our marketing strategists can help you gather the insights and build the plan you need to reduce the risk of failure and generate the best results.

The challenges of building a marketing strategy

We build on what works

Your firm is not a lab rat. That’s why we build your strategy upon proven principles that we’ve seen work, first-hand — and are supported by our research into the most successful firms. We’ve helped hundreds of firms find the right strategy and grow.

What we do - Helium offers four crucial marketing strategy consulting services:

Growth Strategy

Learn how to grow like the high performers. 

Get your differentiation, positioning and messaging just right

Market strategy

At last, a clearly defined, easy-to-understand approach to the market. Select the best tools and techniques to reach your target audiences and referral sources.

Brand strategy

Leverage your brand to deliver more visibility, 

differentiate your firm, build credibility and attract top talent.

Content strategy

Turn your expertise into a powerful, 

reputation-building and lead-generating resource.

Branding Services

Boost awareness, credibility and trust

People can’t buy something they’ve never heard of and they won’t buy from a brand they don’t know and trust. That’s why brand awareness and credibility are essential if you want to fuel commercial success. This is just as true in the life sciences as it is in any sector.

We can help you build brand recognition, so that you’re the trusted supplier of choice in your market and will always be top-of-mind when prospects are ready to buy.

How to achieve brand awareness 

Great design is a powerful differentiator

Great brands demand great design. It differentiates you visually and establishes instant credibility. Our outstandig design is here to lift you up.

Take your brand in a brand new direction

No brand lasts forever. It needs occasional maintenance—and every few years a major renovation to keep it modern, engaging and relevant. After all, your brand was designed to address your audience at a specific point in time. But your marketplace is always evolving, and even the strongest brands understand they have to change to maintain their edge.


At Helium, we offer professional services firms a comprehensive suite of branding services, whether you need a soup-to-nuts brand refresh, a review of your positioning or a new logo. And we do it like no other agency. When you choose Helium, you get a lot of


  • Deep experience with your industry
  • Insight-rich research-based approach
  • Outstanding design team

We approach your brand from two angles

Every brand consists of two components. Helium’s brand-building services address both of these critical factors—raising the profile of your firm’s expertise.

Ready to RISE ABOVE THE REST like a leader? Find out what it takes to raise your brand to a higher plane.

Our branding services

Website Design

Your website should also be customer-focused.

How can you tell if a website is customer-focused? Just read their website: if they talk about themselves and how awesome they are, they’re not customer-focused.

Which is why we talk less about us, and more about how we can make your marketing better, sharing knowledge of marketing, web design and SEO in an effort to educate you about what to look for in your new website.


We don’t just design and develop websites we create solutions

Based in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), we, at Helium, pride ourselves on our exquisite website designing skills. We believe that aesthetics are very important when it comes to website designing, and we pride ourselves for getting that right!

The goal of a great website is simple:

You Judge. We Judge. And Prospects Are Judging Your Website...In 5 Seconds.

Every time a prospect sees your website, they’re judging you based on:

And if your website isn't more evolved than your competitors' websites, your prospect's first impression could be their last impression.

Empowering Businesses Online With Result Oriented Website Development

We understand our clients. It is all about the structure of the process. Proper planning with perfect documentation has helped us deliver optimum performance. We expertise in the development of dynamic websites, complex web application designs, digital marketing, and much more. Our dedicated developers always ensure to deliver your project on time, making sure that your websites are bug-free, and you are stress-free.

The Hallmarks of a Good Website Design

A Resposive Website Design

Responsive web design (RWD) is a dynamic approach in web designing that transforms the appearance of the website, simply based on the device being used and its screen size. Be it a mobile phone, a tablet, or a PC, no matter what device, our websites accommodate all of them

SSL Certification

Safety first is a principle that cannot be abandoned. SSL is a security protocol that encrypts information so that only the intended recipient can gain access to it. SSL is a must-have for all e-commerce companies to build trustworthy relationships with their customers

AMP Optimization

Attain more traffic on your webpage through the optimization of mobile web browsing. AMP Pages uses only a tenth of the data of regular pages and thereby loads in the blink of an eye. AMP drastically improves mobile web browsing by miles

Illustrious Graphic Designs

The remarkable graphics we design grabs the customer’s attention instantly. The infographics we make deliver content at a quick glance. The designs give life to the content, which makes it almost pop out of the screen. Thereby enriching the user experience.

Signs of Sophistication

Elegance and uniqueness, there is truly none other like this! All our websites are custom-made and tailored to the specifications of the business. Our designs are leagues apart in comparison to other web layouts.

Captivating Blogs

People are driven towards content that resonates with them. Increase website traffic by creating blogs that are engaging, thereby encouraging customers to stay on your website for longer and further browse your website.

Simplified through Payment Gateway

Provide a seamless user experience, collect payments online to maintain an adaptable relationship with your clients. Payment gateways are perhaps the quickest and easiest method to pass transaction information from a payment portal to the receiving bank

Great User Experience (UX)

It takes no more than 0.9 seconds for users to form a complete opinion. That is why it is mandatory to create a wonderful user experience (UX) for your website visitors.


A highly interactive and fully-functional website is needed for your business to keep it on the right track. Be it helping sustain the fast-paced competition, increasing brand name, highlighting products and services among customers, or increasing sales and revenue, a website serves your business in multiple ways.

What We Provide For your Dream Business

We provide the static and dynamic web development service and keep your website more engaging and easily visible to the customers through the internet. Get your website developed as per your choice of design and requirements. All you have to explain to us and we deliver the best results in an excellent way.

Mobile Compatibility

We develop the code in a compatible way, where people can access the site through any kind of device.

Fast load time

Making things load faster plays a key role in your business growth, we do it better with optimizing

Browser Consistency

We penetrate through each and every browser, we make sure that it will be compatible with cross platforms

Browser Consistency

Usable forms

Efficient coding in usable forms makes the site to collect refined data from the perfect end users.


Custom Web Development

We as a reliable website development company in Dubai, UAE code your website based on the specific needs of your business. Our web developers perform high-quality coding work to customize your website to make it exclusively for your business

Web Portal Development

We are specialized in developing a wide range of web portals while ensuring it matches your business requirements. Our professionals integrate the latest features, functionalities, etc. into your website to make it fully functional and high-performing

E-Commerce Web Development

Be it integrating cutting-edge features, advanced security measures, or crafting interactive user engagement, our professionals use every technique to make your eCommerce website business-oriented and sales-driven.

Maintenance & Support

At HELIUM, we not only code your website but also assist you in maintaining it properly to help it perform flawlessly. Our representatives are always ready to assist you by resolving your queries to improve the performance of your websites

Ready to create websites and apps to inspire, engage, and rise above the rest? We're here to help

Digital Marketing

Your website should also be customer-focused.

The secret to world-class digital marketing

Digital marketing can be tricky. Which channels will work best? How can you get the most impressions, lowest cost-per-lead and best ROI, while also making effective use of your website, email list and social profiles?

Experience is the key to success. Our expert team will demystify your options and help you execute the best mix of digital tactics to meet your specific goals.

The challenges of digital marketing

Digital Marketing Services We Offer

The Helium Solution

With the dawn of digitization, we no longer linger on conventional marketing methods. Instead, digital marketing solutions are the force to be reckoned with now. Our expertise as the best digital marketing company in Dubai (UAE) consists of these digital marketing services.


Stay in front of your consumers with remarketing services

Google remarketing services are a form of digital advertising that visually remind users about your brand with a display image. These ads target users that have already interacted with your brand by visiting your website or clicking a link on a digital ad you have running. With Google remarketing services, you are simply letting the user know that you’re still around and your brand is relevant to them because they showed interest.

KEY METRICES:  Remarketing Services

The goal of our remarketing agency services is to increase revenue for your business. We accomplish this in a few ways:



Sometimes Your Brand Needs A Do Over

We believe that rebranding is not a marketing strategy but an enterprise-wide strategic growth accelerator. It is brand-led business transformation

What is rebranding?
Rebranding is the process by which an existing brand develops a new name, logo, design, or a combination of these, intending to create a different or new image

Google remarketing services are a form of digital advertising that visually remind users about your brand with a display image. These ads target users that have already interacted with your brand by visiting your website or clicking a link on a digital ad you have running. With Google remarketing services, you are simply letting the user know that you’re still around and your brand is relevant to them because they showed interest.

5 considerations in mind

Vehicle Branding

Vehicle Wrapping & Branding Company in UAE


Work, Commercial or Fleet Car Branding and Wrapping

Your Brand in our hands 4 years of experience means we can provide van wrapping, bus wrapping, lorry sign wrapping and even plant equipment wrapping, in fact we haven’t met our match yet, so challenge us and get a mockup of your van signage designed by our in-house team to take the first step in transforming your companies fleet graphics.


We work with a huge range of clients in UAE from large corporate fleets wanting to flood the market with the brand identify to small new businesses that need to shout about their services, we are here ready to help you.

Vehicle Branding